The leader of the Silesian Aviation - the Federation of Aviation Companies - emerged naturally, as a result of a real and effective cooperation between 15 private companies.

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The main purpose of establishing the Silesian Aviation Cluster is the increase of innovation and strengthening cooperative relations of its members what shall eventually lead to an improvement of competitiveness of all companies participating in the project.

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Śląski klaster lotniczy

History of cooperation of aviation companies in Silesia reaches the 80s of the last century, but the formalization of joint activities took place in 2006 with the founding of the Federation of Aviation Companies Bielsko, which soon became the coordinator of the newly formed Silesian Aviation Cluster. Currently, the cluster consists of over 20 entities, including universities and institutions of business environment.

Cluster equipment:

  • Research laboratory of metal alloys (allows the manufacture of materials with the best characteristics),
  • Machining center based on high-technology CNC grinding machines,
  • Flight test lab for small aircraft and gliders for verifying properties of aircraft in real-world conditions, enables inspection of the aircraft without dismantling it and to prepare optimal, in terms of balancing, the elements of aircraft and gliders,
  • Modern paint shop for aircraft components painting,
  • Pattern shop,
  • Laser Welding Center (manufacture of key parts to the largest aircraft engine with a much higher quality than traditional welding techniques)
  • Professional UNIGRAFIX software