Aircraftica sp. z o.o.


We are specialized in the design of composite aircraft structures.


We carry out research and development (R&D) projects, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and electric propulsion systems.


CAD/CAM/CAE design

  • Complete engineering design projects
  • Design and analysis of composite structures
  • Engineering calculations, FEA finite element analysis
  • Creation of 2D and 3D technical documentation
  • Creation of technological documentation and instructions
  • Project management, technical analysis


Design of tools and molds

  • Design of executive tools
  • Design of molds for making composite elements in wet layup technology, OOA
  • Creation of CAM numerical models of molds and generating NC codes


Conceptual design, prototyping

  • Carrying out conceptual projects
  • Creation of projects visualization
  • Models and layouts design
  • Rapid prototyping



Evionica, Zakład Szybowcowy Jeżów, Politechnika Warszawska wydział MEiL, Instytut Lotnictwa


Al. Stanów Zjednoczonych 51 lok. 623

04-028 Warszawa

+48 503 413 212 | +48 602 181 805