Completed projects

Project title: Increase of the potential of the Silesian Aviation Cluster to improve the competitiveness of Polish aviation sector enterprises

“Innovative Economy” Operational Programme - 5. Priority axis: Diffusion of innovation, Measure: 5.1:  Support for the development of supra-regional cooperative relationships.

Contract signed on: 09.05.2012

Funding amount: PLN 18,339,914.09

Total project cost: PLN 22,421,523.29

Duration: 01.04.2012 – 30.06.2015

Within the framework of the project it was possible to purchase specialized technical equipment, which is used by the Cluster members on a daily basis, and leased for a fee to external entities for the benefit of the Cluster. 

The following equipment was purchased under the project:


Mobile glider and airplane service equipment.

We purchased equipment necessary to perform repairs of small and medium-sized planes and gliders.  This enabled us to improve the quality of our services, win new customers and reduce the risk of damage to our machines during transportation from the customer to the repair shop.


Avionics test bench. 

The avionics test bench allows testing characteristics of on-board instruments under actual aircraft conditions. This increases the safety of aircraft maintenance and operation, subsequently improving the quality of services provided by the Cluster members.


Station for inspection of aircraft areas which are difficult to access. 

The purchase of a video borescope allowing to carry out inspections of aircraft areas that are hard to access without the necessity to disassemble the same improved the speed and quality of the services provided, affecting customer service quality and enabling increase of the group of potential customers.


Mobile weighing platform for aviation equipment.

The purchase of a mobile scales kit for weighing aviation equipment allows every member of the Cluster to offer airplane and glider components which ensure optimum balance and trim.  In the past, the lack of access to mobile weighing equipment made the construction process more difficult, and the Cluster members had to transport the aircraft components to a location where fixed scales were available and then, on site, without proper tooling, they had to modify and adjust fragile components, often of significant weight and span.


Professional paint shop for painting aircraft components.

The Cluster members specialize in small airplanes in the manufacture of which the coating process is extremely important for the durability of the products. The specialized paint shop enabled the production of aircrafts of noticeably better quality and increased the attractiveness of the products sold.



The model-shop enables the Cluster members to work on new aerodynamic solutions.


Laser welding station.

By creating the laser welding station, it is possible to manufacture key parts for the largest aircraft engines, the parts being of much higher quality than the parts produced using conventional welding techniques.  Thus, it is possible to increase the durability and safety of subassemblies, and the Cluster members can compete with the major global leading manufacturers of specialized parts.


Purchase of specialist UniGrafx software for aircraft design and modelling and development of an IT system for Cluster members. 

The software enables the user to design more quickly new technical solutions for the aviation industry, reduce the costs of developing prototypes of new parts, subassemblies, components and entire, complete aircrafts.  The IT system made it possible to create a knowledge base for all members, exchange information, including sensitive technical and technological information, with secure data transfer techniques.


Metal alloy research laboratory. 

The establishment of such a laboratory made it possible to manufacture parts of materials with the best characteristics, influencing the quality of the products offered by the Cluster members.


Purchase of high-tech gear grinding equipment for aircraft gearboxes. 

The specialist equipment is used by the Cluster members i.a. for the manufacture of larger aircraft subassemblies. 


Purchase of a printing and 3D scanning process line.

The purchase of a process line for rapid prototyping based on 3D printing technology makes it possible for us to gain competitive advantage, enabling us to work more closely with a larger number of manufacturers and consumers of high-tech components for the aviation industry.